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Make a start or grow your collection with the DeadSet Frame Club! Each month you'll recieve a frame which could be worth up to £60! 


Choose which colour frames you would like to recieve, or pick a mixture and we will send out different colours throughout your subscription. Optional upgrade for your frames to have corner decals every month! 


All frames will be our standard high quality with thin white mount, textured white card and taxomonic/common name label. These frames are 21cm x 21cm. 


Just want butteflies? Not keen on beetles? No problem! Simply make a note in the custom text field or let me know anything is good! 


We will keep note of what you have recieved before so you won't get any duplicates but if you already have some species, let us know and we won't include them either. 

Ethically sourced, cruelty free taxidermy and entomology