How does it work?


Please see more information below on sending specimens to us and how it all works

How do I get them to you?

Package the Tarantula/Insect into something sturdy like a plastic cricket tub. Place tissue under, around and over to make sure it cannot move around and get damaged in the post, however don’t pack too tightly or push down hard as you risk squashing them. Just enough so can’t get thrown. Best way to think about it, would be as if you were posting them alive, the same principles apply.

Please post first class OR Special by 1pm and I recommend signed for peace of mind. Do not post on Friday or Saturday. Please only post Monday - Thursday.

Please add your name in the package so I know its yours.

Important info for Tarantulas

In order to be able to fill the abdomen efficiently, the Tarantula needs to be posted to us via first class (recommended you do signed for) postage and generally within 48 hours of passing. 


If you are unable to post within the time frame, place Tarantula in the freezer until you are ready to post.


If you are unsure if it’s been too long, send us a message and we will be happy to help. As long as the abdomen hasn’t begun to go hard, we should still be able to fill it.


For ease, package them in a tub before freezing so can just take out of the day and no need to thaw first.

How long does it take?

The drying process takes on average of 4-6 weeks for tarantulas, however it can take as long as 3 months dependant on the size. Small tarantulas/spiders will dry faster. We will let you know once they are ready. Once dry we will aim to get your display finished within a few days. Moults and insects will be finished quicker due to drying out faster. 

Important info for Insects

Similar to tarantulas, insects ideally need to be posted within a few days of passing or frozen until you are able to.


We can still work with them if they have started to or completely dried out, they will just need relaxing first (which we will do). If you are unsure, please message us.


For ease, package them in a tub before freezing so can just take out of the day and no need to thaw first.

Important info for Moults

These can be posted to us in any time frame as we will need to relax them regardless. Moults must be in a generally good condition however we no longer fill the abdomens due to the majority been damaged during the moulting process.

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