Resin Keepsakes

We offer a number of resin services, these can include flowers, ashes, insects, teeth/bones and other sentimental items. The items we encase can be from customers or we can supply some items.


  • Tear Drop Pendant Necklace (Lead & Nickle Free Chain or Cord) - £20

  • Tear Drop Pendant Necklace (Sterling Silver Chain) - £25

  • Ornate Pendant with Shed inside - £12

  • Ornate Pendant with Preserved Skin inside - £20

  • Keyring (Heart, Oval or Teardrop) with Ashes/Other Items - £16

  • Keyring (Heart, Oval or Teardrop) with Spider/Small Tarantula/Insect inside - £22

Below options can have fangs, insects, tarantulas etc inside


  • 5cm x 5cm x 2cm Square or Half Sphere - £25

  • 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 2cm Square or Heart - £30

  • 8cm x 8cm x 2cm Square or Half Sphere - £35

  • 10cm x 10cm x 2cm Large Resin Block - £40

These prices do not include postage. Prices are for when customer supplies contents going into resin.

Optional Extras: Text can be added into most items and this has a flat £3 fee. If you wanted multiple items doing with text, you would only be charged £3 once. Flowers, natural items and colouring can also be added to the resin at an additional cost.

To order please message us on Facebook, via the contact form or by email.

Resin Keepsaks
Resin Keepsaks

6.5cm Heart with Colour/Flowers

Resin Keepsaks

Tear Drop Pendant Necklace

Resin Keepsaks

Oval Keyring with Text

Resin Keepsaks

Heart Keyring with Text

Resin Keepsaks

5cm Half Sphere

Resin Keepsaks

Tear Drop Keyring

Resin Keepsaks

5cm Block with Text

Resin Keepsaks

Real Preserved Snake Skin Pendant

Ethically sourced, cruelty free taxidermy and entomology